How to give back for FREE this Christmas

Christmas, a time for giving, receiving and forgetting about all of your concerns, but it is very easy to forget that many people are not as fortunate, and not necessarily from an economic standpoint. The following methods allow you to give back easily and require very little effort to set up.

1. World Community Grid

[Windows] [Android] [Linux] [Mac]World Community Grid Infographic
World Community Grid is essentially a supercomputer with a difference. Instead of medical research companies spending thousands of dollars hiring physical supercomputers to complete complex simulations, they utilise everyday user’s idle computer time to complete the simulations, for free. This gives them approximately 1.1 PFLOPS of power to complete calculations, comparable with some of the world’s top supercomputers.

The projects that are completed using World Community Grid are generally quite topical. For example some of the current projects include research into the Zika Virus, Ebola, and Mapping Cancer Markers. The applications (which can be found using the links above) can be downloaded, configured and then forgotten about. The software will automatically adjust the settings so that your general usage is not impacted upon.

2. Slidejoy


Slidejoy is another simple way that you can give back, that requires little to no effort. Essentially, it puts adverts on your device’s lock screen and – once a month- pays you for it. When signing up, if you select ‘Hero’ mode, you will be given the choice of a charity to donate to (from a designated list). Alternatively, you can cash out the earned money to PayPal and dona
te to your preferred charity if it wasn’t available. This is such an easy way of donating to charity and is utilising something which would otherwise be lying empty. In an average month, I receive around $5, although that can change depending on how many times I unlock my phone, and how much the advertisers are paying Slidejoy to publish their ads.

3. Amazon Associate Links

The Amazon Associates Program is a great way of supporting organisations and businesses at no cost to you. If you shop for products using their link, they receive a small percentage Image result for amazon aof the sale (up to 10% depending on the type of product).

Many different organisations use the Amazon Associates service to generate extra revenue. From Charities to YouTubers, there is an opportunity to steal some more of Amazon’s profits and give it to more useful causes. An example of a charity that I found after a quick Google search is Macmillan Cancer Support – a great charity that could definitely benefit from even the smallest of donations.


I hope you consider introducing some of these applications into your lifestyle, as they can greatly benefit important causes and also give you a lot of satisfaction while doing them, plus they’re free! Who wouldn’t use them?!?



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